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7 Roof Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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Melbourne property owners understand that performing regular maintenance on their houses means avoiding a big issue later on. This is especially true when it comes to roof maintenance. Here are some easy things to correct before any major work is necessary.

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Shingles – At least once a year, once a quarter is better, step back and take a look at the shingles. Walk around the perimeter of the house or building and look at the roof. See if any of the shingles are missing or look loose. After a big storm or strong winds is a good time to check. Since you are looking upward, also see if the flashings are still in good shape.

Gutters – Gutters can become clogged with leaves, dirt, insects, and a variety of other debris. If left in that state, rain will not be able to flow through the guttering and downpipes. The water will have nowhere to go but up and under the eaves and roof. This will eventually cause wood rot and water seeping into the attic, through insulation and into the living or working quarters. Simply checking and unclogging gutters once a year should prevent problems.

Moss – Yes, a nice, velvety moss on the roof will make your home look like a cottage. However, that moss will continue to grow and start creeping between the shingles. This means a potential for water to get inside. Even if it doesn’t disturb the shingles, moss itself holds water. The additional weight can be detrimental to your roof causing rotting and leaks. A good roofing company can remove any moss and take care of your roof restoration needs in Melbourne.

Tree Branches – If a tree is planted too close to the house, eventually its branches will grow near the roof. Keeping these trimmed back means you won’t have to worry about the branches wearing away at the roof as they whip around in the wind.

Ventilation – This is an area easily overlooked by homeowners. The upper floors of a house or office building can build up a considerable amount of heat. Since warm air rises, it will come in contact with the cooler upper air in the structure and can cause condensation, or “sweating”. Properly ventilated roofs will keep the interior air temperature an even level and avoid any unbalanced air flow. If your current roof is not ventilated, a reliable roof maintenance professional in Melbourne can install units in just the appropriate places to give your home the protection it needs.

Flashings – We mentioned these earlier. Flashings are the metal pieces that run along roof edges and joints. They keep the rain water flowing over areas that can’t be covered in shingles and where pipes and vents come through the roof. These can become loose and need to be resealed.

The best way to keep your roof in good shape is to have an annual inspection by a reputable roof repair company like Coast 2 Country Roofing in Melbourne. If you have any concerns, just contact us for a free, yes free!, quote. We are proud of the fact that we will give you an estimate within 24 hours. In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our service that we will beat any other written quote you have received. Contact us today and see how we can help.